Fancy Credit Card

Learn how to install the Fancy Credit Card App!
The Fancy Credit Card App offers a smooth checkout experience to your customers, by decreasing the number of payment fields they have to fill in, and adds a great visual experience to your order forms (works on all types of order forms).
Unfortunately, Fancy Credit Card no longer works with Stripe, so you can only use this app if using other payment gateways.
Let's see how to set it up!

Step 1:

To use it, you first need to ensure it's enabled account-wide by turning it on in the Apps section of your account.
You can choose to Disable Card Preview if you don't want to show an animated preview of your customer's card.
Card Preview Feature

Step 2:

Finally, turn on the App in the individual Funnels you want to use it in:
That's it! Your order forms will now have Fancy Credit Card active.
PS: Fancy Credit Card is not supported by Stripe anymore for the time being. We will update once it will be supported by Stripe again!
Last modified 2yr ago