Creating a Funnel

Welcome to Funnelish! The Getting Started section will walk you through the process of creating your funnel, designing it, adding your products, and getting your payment methods connected so you can launch a beautiful, high converting, sales funnel!

Creating Your Funnel

To create your first Funnelish funnel:
    On your Funnelish dashboard, head to Funnels.
    Click on Add a new funnel.
    Select your funnel type.
    Click on Funnelish Plus.
If you are looking to use Funnelish Apps for ClickFunnels instead, please follow our tutorial on how to get started.
    After you've named your funnel, you can start building your funnel from scratch, or choose one of the available templates:
That's it! Your first Funnelish funnel is created and added to your account! The rest of the Getting Started section will help you design and set up the funnel. But for now, let's add some more steps to our funnel.

Adding Steps

If you selected a template for your funnel, you'll see that your funnel was pre-loaded with steps. If you started from scratch, you won't see any steps. Whichever method you chose, use this section to add new steps to your funnel!
    Inside of your Funnel, click on any of the following buttons and Add a new step.
    You can either choose a pre-made page by selecting from any of the template pages we have, or you can start from scratch.
    Then you'll select the page type. Keep in mind only Order Forms, Upsell Pages, or Downsell Pages can have products.
    Then give your step a name and URL.
Repeat the process for all your steps, including your up-sells, down-sells!

A/B Testing and Geo Funnels

You can A/B test your funnel very easily. Simply click on the A/B testing button below your step, as shown below:
    Select the A/B Test
    You can then select a percentage for each clone and customize each new step.
The same applies to the geo-targeting split. Select the geo-targeting split.
    Select the countries from the drop-down menu that you want to use for each step.
That's it! Head to the next article to learn more about our funnel editor!

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