Creating Products
In this article you will learn how to set up your products inside of your funnel! Follow along the steps below to correctly start selling with your funnel!

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Adding Products

    Head to either your Order Page, Upsell Page, or Downsell Page. Setting up a product is the same for all page types.
    Within your funnel step, head to Add a new product as shown below:
    Select whether that is a one time-product or a subscription.
    Name your product and select a price.
If your product is a subscription type, you will be able to set your billing details, and whether the product has a trial period or not.
Once you added your product, click on the product to open it's settings, where you can:
    Mark that product as an order bump
    Add a display price as well as a product image
    Connect to your Shopify store to fulfill orders automatically
    Highlight the product, select by default and, or bring it forward.
    Add a top tag and, or a side tag.
    Choose a color and a text size for your tags.

Adding Product Variants

    Head to your products and click on the desired product where you want to add variants.
    Add new variant/s as wished (Color, Size, etc)
    Manage your variants and set custom prices and/or images for each.
    Save your changes and that's it!
✓ Variants can be connected to Shopify and any other platform through integrations thus benefiting from automatic variant matching.
✓ Custom prices can be set for each variant separately.
✓ Custom images can be applied to each variant separately.
✓ Variants work on single-checkout, multi-checkout, and quantity-checkout product lists alike.
✓ Product variant images are well optimized as all the images in your Funnelish pages to not affect page load speed.
✓ Product Variants can be used alongside highlighting for the same products as well.
✓ Variants can be managed from within the editor as well.
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