Editor - Additional Elements
In this section we'll show you how to use other elements in your pages. All of these elements can help increase conversions and give your page an even more personalized touch.

On This Page:

Order Bumps

To add an order bump element to your page, you only need to select the order bump element from your left-side bar:
You can customize the text font and color of your order bump, as well as many other features on your left-side bar:
In addition to adding this element to your page, make sure your order bump product is added as an order bump within your funnel step.

Countdown Timer

All you need to do is to select the timer element from your left-side bar and place it where you'd like it on your page.
You will then be able to edit from the left-side bar the following:
  • Make your timer responsive to mobile, tablet, desktop or all.
  • Set the alignment and margins.
  • Set hours, minutes and seconds.
  • Set labels and numbers font, size and colour.
  • Choose an expire action as follows:
No action - Nothing happens when the timer expires.
Goes to specific URL - in the same time or by opening a new one.
Hide countdown timer - Timer will be hidden once it expires.
  • You can also select a numbers border and background colour.

Progress Bar

  • Firstly select the progress bar from your left-side bar and place it somewhere on your page.
The left side-bar will then allow you to:
  • Set a value (50%, 80%, 90% etc).
  • Add a label text.
  • Set a background colour.
  • Choose the height of your bar.
  • Set a label position ( center, left, right).
  • Choose a label font and size.
  • Choose the style of your bar (striped or simple).
  • Turn on animation.
  • You can also set a border or a shadow.

Social Network Buttons

  • Firstly, look for the social button on your left-side bar.
Clicking on it will allow you to:
  • Choose whether the social networks will be responsive to mobile, tablet, desktop, or all three.
  • Set the alignment.
  • Turn on or off the social networks available (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram).
  • Add the URL for each of your social media channels.
  • Choose a color for your social networks.
  • Choose a hover color.

Product List

  • Within the page editor, simply select the Product list button
  • The editor will then display your product list, and the left side-bar will allow you to:
  • Adjust the margin of your product list
  • Choose a selection type (single check-out, multi-check-out, multi-quantity checkout)
  • Customize the label and entries fonts, sizes and colors
  • Choose a background color for your product listings
  • Add a border or a shadow
  • Manage your products
Managing your products directly from the editor will allow you to visualize your step products, add new ones, as well as customize the existing ones (adjust the name, price, add a picture to your product, variants etc.)
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