Editor - Buttons and Links
In this section we will go through the CTA's available within the editor and how you can customise them.
CTA's are an essential part of an effective page on your sales funnel. The editor will allow you to add CTA buttons or links.

CTA buttons

Selecting a button will create a CTA on your page, which you can then fully customise as follows, by choosing the alignment, margin, headline and sub-headline for your button.
You can also:
  • Set an Action as shown below:
  • Change the font, size and colour of your headline and sub-headline.
  • Choose a background colour for your button, along with a border, shadow and text- shadow.


Links are as well fully customisable; The basic edits will allow you to:
  • Align your link.
  • Customise the margin.
  • Add a link text, and set an action to it.
  • Customise the font, size and colour of your link.
  • Add a text shadow.
The Hover button will allow you to customise the colour of the link's text when the mouse goes over the element, and in the advanced settings, you can customise the padding, border, and shadow of your link.
The next article will take you through payment forms and form elements.
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