Sending Orders to Orderlytics

Select the products you want to be automated with Orderlytics!

Step 1: Set up

To set up a product automation you will first need to head to the product inside the funnel that you want to set up this automation for. Click on the product and then scroll to the bottom and click Create New Automation.

Now you will choose what event you want to trigger the automation. All of our integrations can be triggered based on Purchase, Refund, Subscription, or Cancelled Subscription, but for Orderlytics choose Purchase, because currently we only create orders.

Choose your trigger and then select the integration, which in this case is Orderlytics.

Step 2: Select the action

Choose your action dropdown menu. Then, choose whether you want to use the email they opted in with, or the email they paid with, if they're different.

Save your changes.

You now have an automation set up with Orderlytics!