Funnelish Pay

Connect to your favourite Payment Gateway using Funnelish Pay!

Funnelish Pay is the easiest way to set up your Payment Gateways on your funnels!

With Funnelish Pay you do not need to integrate your ClickFunnels with Stripe, or even add your products in there!

Step 1:

Ensure you first turn on Funnelish Pay is turned on in your account-wide app settings.

Click Save Changes.

Step 2:

Head to your funnel that you want to enable Funnelish Pay in turn it on in the funnel apps.

First, select which theme will fit best with your page or order form. Currently only 2 Themes are available: White and Dark

Once you've selected your theme, click on +Add Payment Option, you will be able to select as the default payment method, Paypal, Payfast, Stripe, or Cash on Delivery payments, which are handled by Funnelish (you can set these up within each product's automations area).

Funnelish Pay

Check the next articles on configuring each individual Payment Gateway! Let's see Paypal!