Use this article to connect your Mailgun account to Funnelish to send emails directly from Funnelish!

Step 1:

Head to your Mailgun account.
Under Settings, select Domains. Now you'll copy (you'll be copying 2 fields, so save this one so you can access it later) the domain you already have connected to MailGun that you want to use to send from in Funnelish
If you have multiple domains connected for different brands, use the domain that matches the funnel and products you're selling.
Now we're going to grab your API key, so from the left menu bar head to Settings, and then API Keys.
Copy your Private API Key.

Step 2:

Head to your integrations settings or directly to the funnel you want to send emails from using Mailgun.
Head to your funnel settings and click SMTP Provider in the Email Settings section.
Make sure to enable the activation by turning on the button next to Mailgun.
Select Mailgun and paste the domain name and API key copied from step one.
Click Save and continue, and that's it! You'll be redirected back to the email provider selection and Mailgun should no longer say inactive. Checkout our Sending Emails From Funnelish article to start building and sending emails!
Last modified 11mo ago
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