Testing Purchases

You want to do a test purchase? Here is how you can do it:

In this article we'll go over how you can test your funnel and products when using the PayPal Plugin!

There are actually 3 ways that we have found to do it, and we'll explain all 3 below.

  1. Test with a low amount (recommended)

  2. Test without paying

  3. Test with PayPal Sandbox accounts

1. Testing With A Low Amount

This is the simplest method that allows you to easily test the functionality of your funnel pages. Here's how to do it:

  • Change the price of your product on PayPal to something as low as $.01.

  • Don't change the price of the product anywhere on your funnel.

  • Create or use a separate PayPal account than the one connected to your funnel, and go through the funnel as a customer!

  • You'll only have to send $.01 from one PayPal account to your business one, but you'll get to go through the whole funnel as your customer sees it!

2. Testing Without Paying

If you don't want to test with paying then you can follow the steps below. This process is not the natural process that a customer would go through, and so this is not our top method.

  • Go to your desired order form, and click on the button to complete order.

  • Once you get taken to PayPal checkout DO NOT pay.

  • Go to the OTO page you want to test (on the same browser), and load it in your browser.

  • Click the Yes link or button or whatever button you have.

  • If you're taken to the correct PayPal OTO checkout, then it’s working all fine!

3. Testing With PayPal Sandbox Accounts

PayPal's official method for testing requires you to create Sandbox accounts, and unfortunately it is a much longer process and isn't actually available to everyone. If this is the route you want to take though, follow the steps below.

  • Create two PayPal sandbox accounts (one for business (recipient) and one for paying).

  • Change the Paypal Business ID/Email under Funnel Settings to the new sandbox one.

  • Use those two accounts to test as if they are real accounts, they won’t charge you anything.

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