Display physical goods, subscriptions, and variants

You can add new products inside every funnel individually. Remember that they can only be used in Checkout, Upsell, and Downsell steps. Products in Funnelish are virtual, this allows you to set quantities of different products.

Adding a product to a step does not (by itself) display the item in the funnel. They must be used within a Product list or Order bump element.

Product types

We offer you the ability to assign a product as a One-time product or as a Subscription.

One-time product

  1. Open a funnel and select a step that allows products.

  2. Click the Add a new product button.

  3. On the pop-up window, select One-time and click Continue.

  4. Give your product the name your customers will see and set the price.

  5. (Optional) Switch on the toggle to make this product eligible for the Order Bump feature.

  6. Click the Create product button.

Read the Edit your product section to learn how to add an image of your product and modify its settings.

Your product will be added to the list with its name, price, and product type.


  • Open a funnel and select a step that allows products.

  • Click the Add a new product button.

  • On the pop-up window, select Subscription and click Continue.

  • Give your product the name your customers will see.

  1. Input the price your customers will be charged for the subscription.

  2. Set how many times the billing amount will be charged.

  3. Define the period between charges for your subscription.

  4. Define the timespan of the period.

  5. (Optional) Toggle on the Has a trial period slider if you want to set a trial period with different values in your parameters.

  6. If you want to offer a free trial period, set the Billing amount to 0. Otherwise, choose any other amount you want.

  7. (Optional) Switch on the toggle to make this product eligible for the Order Bump feature.

  8. Click the Create product button.

Edit your product

After you created your products, you can add images to each one of them or edit their settings.

  • Click any product from the list and a pop-up window will open with all its settings.

Basic and Price

The first two sections are the same as you had when you created your product. With them, you can rename, toggle the Order bump feature, change between one-time products or subscriptions, and change the price.

Product image

Click on the product image section to upload a thumbnail of the product from your desktop and use it on your funnel.


  • Select by default Automatically adds the one-time product to the cart. The customer can change the amount.

  • Hide from the product list When you activate this function, your customer will not be able to see this product on the funnel. You can use this feature with the Select by default and create a combo that automatically will charge the user the price of the hidden product. This is especially useful for automatically charging shipping fees to every order.

  • Highlight This option automatically adds a yellow background to the product tile in your funnel.

  • Tags They are also helpful to highlight a product in a more subtle way. You can adjust their background color and text size.


Variants are a group of products that share the same core quality but come with different attributes (e.g., size and color). They can be added to a previously created product.

  1. Click a product to open its settings pop-up window.

  2. Scroll down to the Variants section.

  3. Click on the Add new variant button.

  1. Enter the variant name (e.g., Size).

  2. Enter an option (e.g., Small 250 g).

  3. Click the Add new option button to add a new input box.

  4. Repeat steps until you added all your available variants and options.

Manage variants

The next step is to upload images and configure prices. This is an optional step. If each variant has the same price as the base product, then Funnelish automatically uses the default price for each variant.

  1. Click the Manage variants button.

  2. Upload images.

  3. Enter custom prices.

  4. Click Save changes.

This example shows a product on a live funnel page. If a user selects the product, a folder expands and shows the variants. If a user clicks a variant, the price displays on the page.

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