Design your messages

To send messages with design, use our templates to create fully customizable and reusable emails!

1 Open the automation page

Open the automation that you want to send the plain text email from.

Click the plus (+) button. Select Sending Options and then Send an email. On the next window, click Template and click Continue.

Start by adding the Sender name of your email. For example, we enter Funnelish. Add the Sender email that you used when connecting with your SMTP provider. Enter a subject and click Continue.

On the next page, choose a template option: build from scratch or a pre-existing template.

Now you can use the drag-and-drop editor to design an email to fit your brand! Customize colors, fonts, and basically anything you need to to make the email your own.

2 Create an email from scratch

Adding structure

On the canvas, click the plus (+) sign to create a new section. Click again to add a row and select the columns.

Now add elements!

Adding elements

Go to the side panel and add one or more elements to the template. Each element comes with customization options, such as image size, font, and color.

3 Work from a template

Choose this time-saving option if you want to customize an existing template. Add your own image, customize the message, and add your own branding with just a few clicks.

Previewing the display

Toggle between different device views to see how your email looks on a phone, tablet, and desktop.

You can also make elements visible on certain devices by selecting from the Responsive options in the side panel.

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