Connect Your Shopify Store
Connect your Shopify store to start automating your order fulfillment between your funnels and your store.

Step 1:

Head to your Integrations section by clicking on the bottom left corner of your Funnelish homepage.
Click on Shopify.
Paste your store URL in the provided box.
Your store URL can be copied from your Shopify dashboard's URL and should be something like:
Make sure you only copy the name without any additional characters!
Click Connect.

Step 2:

You will then be redirected to Shopify, where you have to Install the Funnelish App.
Click Install app.
After installing Funnelish in your Shopify store, you will be redirected back to Funnelish and your integration is now active.
Now that your Shopify store is connected, let's go together through how to create a Shopify Automation!
Last modified 9mo ago
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