Multi-Users Access
You can grant access to your other team members to work across your funnels.
All you need to do is head to Account Settings > Team, input the name and email address of the staff member you would like to add and choose the access level they would have.
  • Has full account access.
  • Can add and remove other users including other admins.
  • Can connect, update and remove payment methods and integrations from the account.
Create/Update/Delete funnels
  • Has access to Funnel Apps' settings.
  • Can create new funnels or update/delete existing ones.
  • Can modify Funnel > Settings (eg. Change funnel domain, Currency, or Favicon...etc)
  • Can edit your funnel steps and pages (including shared popups)
  • Cannot access the rest of your funnel settings or account settings.
  • Can create, update, delete automations at funnel and product level.
  • Can update, fulfill, cancel or delete orders and customers.
Analytics/Data Read only access
  • Can access analytics, orders, customers without permission to modify anything.
You can choose one or more access levels for your team members.
All you need to do is tick the permission you want to give your team, add their details, and save your changes.
No one will have access to the Account > Settings section, apart from the account admins.
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