Display answers in expandable folders

FAQs on a funnel step are a great way to anticipate objections and provide lots of detailed information. The problem with many FAQs is that long answers take up a lot of page space, and can sometimes smudge the professional layout of a page.

The solution is expandable FAQs.

Display the questions and hide the answers. When a customer clicks the arrow next to a question, the folder opens, and the answer displays.

Adding an FAQ

  1. Open a funnel step.

  2. Click one time the element that will hold the FAQ widget (e.g. container, row cell).

  3. Go to the side panel and scroll down to the Others section.

  4. Click the FAQ element. Funnelish automatically places the widget inside the element.

Inserting a question

Click the Default title header and type a question.

Inserting an answer

Click the plus icon (+) inside the widget. Add content to the answer field.

You will likely want to add a text answer. Click the Paragraph widget on the side panel and then enter the answer.

  • You can insert images or video content, too.

Note To copy an FAQ, click the Clone icon on the widget toolbar.

Customizing the FAQ widget

Click the widget and go to the side panel. There is a suite of standard formatting tools, like borders, margins, title fonts, and more.

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