Smart Currency Converter

Learn what you can use Smart Currency Converter for and how to install it:

Smart Currency Converter will allow you to:

  • Automatically detect your customers' currency based on their location.

  • Automatically detect their currency based on their shipping or billing address.

  • Automatically round up to the nearest integer in their currency.

  • Auto-localize prices on your entire funnel.

  • Show a currency popup on each page of your funnel.

  • Use real-time conversion rates!

Your customer can also choose any currency of their choice by selecting from the dropdown menu displayed above the product price if they want to pay in currency besides their local one.

Step 1: Turn on the app in global apps

To turn this app on, simply turn it on in your global App section like pictured below and click Save Changes.

Step 2: Turn on the app in funnel apps and optionally change default settings

Head over to your funnels and click on the funnel you want to add Smart Currency Converter to (repeat this step for all funnels you want the app on).

Under Funnel Apps click on Smart Currency Converter and turn the app on.

Decide if you want to enable available features such as auto-selecting currency based on their location, rounding the prices, and auto-selecting based on entered address.

Once you're done toggling your settings, click Save Changes.

It's that simple!

The Smart Currency Converter app supports over 100 currencies and does not require any additional overhead.

Set it up and watch your international sales go up!

Even though Smart Currency Converter changes the currency your customers see, it won’t affect the currency that your payment option (credit card, PayPal, etc.) charges them.

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