Send Data To A Google Sheet
This article will explain you the step-by-step process of creating automations with Google Sheets.

Step 1:

First, you need to head to your funnels and click on your desired funnel.
Select Funnel automations from the menu at the bottom.
Click Create a new automation, choose either a basic template or to start from scratch, and then Add new trigger.
Select integration, and then Google Sheets.
Choose which spreadsheet and which sheet you want to send data to – it will auto-load from the sheets you have in your Google account.
You'll then need to select a specific worksheet inside of your spreadsheets by selecting from the Sheet dropdown menu.

Step 2:

‌Now you will need to map what data you want to go in each column inside your sheet.‌
Add your desired fields at the top of your sheet in Google.
Select Auto-match fields to let Funnelish automatically match the fields for you, and just check over after to ensure it's all correct!
You can also add more fields manually from here as well.
Funnelish will not replace data on your sheet, only append it.
You've now automated your funnel with Google Sheets!
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