Tracking ClickFunnels Orders In Funnelish
Find out how to track your ClickFunnels orders inside Funnelish!
Before moving forward, make sure the names of your products inside of Funnelish are identical to the name of your products inside of ClickFunnels.

Step 1:

To track your ClickFunnels orders in Funnelish, first go to the funnel you want to track orders in inside of Funnelish.
Click on Funnel settings and if needed, add or change your Funnel Name so you can easily recognize it later.
Copy the ClickFunnels Webhook URL below it.

Step 2:

Now head over to your funnel's Settings area in ClickFunnels.
Webhooks in ClickFunnels
  • Scroll down to Webhooks and create a new webhook.
  • Finally, copy the URL into your new webhook.
  • Set the EVENT to "All Events".
  • Set ADAPTER to "json".
  • Click Create Funnel Webhook
Creating a new webhook in ClickFunnels
Your Funnelish and ClickFunnels funnels are now connected! You will now see your ClickFunnels orders tracked inside of your Funnelish account!
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