Social Network Buttons

Help customers share your story

Funnelish makes it easy to embed social network icons on any step. Add a Social widget, paste URLs to your social media accounts, and voila.

We have links to these platforms: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

Adding a widget

To add a Social widget:

  1. Open a step.

  2. Click one time the element (e.g. container, row cell) that will hold the widget.

  3. Click the Social widget on the left panel. Funnelish displays the widget and left panel.

Customizing the icons

Change the default color and add a unique hover color. (optional) You can also configure margins, padding, icon alignment, and the widget's background color.

By default, all social network toggles are in the ON position.

  1. Go to the left settings panel.

  2. Switch off a toggle to remove a social network platform from your list of options.

  3. For each active platform, paste the URL of your social network page into the field.

  4. Click and drag handles to change the order of icons.

  5. Click Save changes.

  6. Click Preview.

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