Text Elements

Add headlines and paragraphs
In this article, you learn how to add text elements to a step. There are two kinds of text: Headline and Paragraph widgets.
Text widgets

Customizing text

Follow these instructions to add a Headline or Paragraph widget to the canvas.
  1. 1.
    Drag a widget to a canvas location.
  2. 2.
    Click one time inside the widget to display the text editor.
Headline editor
3. Enter text.
4. Use the editor to style the text (font size, alignment, color, bold, etc.).
5. Click Save changes.
6. Click Preview.
Note You can quickly edit and style other elements on the canvas at the same time. Click the widget to open the settings panel and make changes.

Adding custom settings

Click the widget one time to open the Basic settings panel on the left panel. This is where you can style your text (e.g. margins, background, color, etc.).
Click the Advanced tab to insert CSS, change the padding, and add text shadow effects.
Basic and Advanced tabs

Granular control

Some features on the side panel (like Margins) have a toggle switch. Switch on the toggle to get granular access to more options.
Click the toggle to add detailed customizations
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