Automate With MailChimp
See the different triggers that you can integrate MailChimp with!
Email marketing, online campaigns or social media posts? With MailChimp you can do any of them. Decide what suits your funnel the best!
Have a look below to see how to automate one or any of your products with MailChimp:
  • Head to any of your funnels, and click Funnel Automations from the bottom menu bar.
  • Select Create a new automation and select from a template or to start from scratch.
Now let's look at how the automations can work for you:
  • Now you can select Add a new trigger, and choose what you want the automation to start from.
  • Select which specific pages you want the trigger to start on, for example if you want to add someone to your list when they optin, select optin as the trigger and choose your optin page step.
  • Now you can add an action under your trigger by clicking the + sign.
  • Select MailChimp from the integrations section and choose the list you want to add/remove from.
  • Add any tags you want and select if you want to trigger from the contact optin email (if different than purchase email, when applicable)
MailChimp provides you email templates or allows you to customize your own.
Here's some good automations ideas we like to use:
Simply select one of the triggers: On Purchase/On Refund, and you can send programmed emails to a certain list of clients. This is really helpful tool, helping you to maintain or improve your customers engagement.
With New Subscription you have the benefit of a sign-up form which allows your clients to subscribe or unsubscribe to your service or products.
Subscription Cancelled is another useful tool which can send out "Sorry for leaving" messages to your customers, along with asking for feedback and tracking your customer's opinion.
After selecting your Action, you can select your list of customers.
Switch on the customer optin email in case you want to use the email customers opted in with instead of the email they used to pay (when they are two different emails).
Your products are now being automated with MailChimp!
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