Step 1: Add Your Funnel
In this section we'll go through step one, adding your ClickFunnels and products inside of Funnelish.

Step 1: Adding Your Funnel:

You'll want to start by heading to the Funnels section inside of your Funnelish.
Click Create New Funnel in the top right corner. You'll then be prompted to select the type of funnel, so for our purposes here select ClickFunnels. Then type the name of your funnel and click done.
If you want to build a Funnelish funnel click here.
From there you'll click New Step in the top left corner and select the type of page you want to add, this should be the same page type that matches the ClickFunnels page.
You then will name the funnel step, again ideally using the same as your ClickFunnel step name, and paste the URL.
This part is important because you need to ensure you're visiting the URL, and then copying the full URL from the search bar - not just copying the preview link inside of ClickFunnels
If you're using a split test variant, you can do the same thing and visit the URL, copy the variant's full URL, and enter that here.
Repeat that process to add all of your funnel steps inside of the Funnelish funnel.

Step 2: Adding Your Products:

Once completed, we'll now add our products to our sales page, and any up-sell or down-sell pages.
First, click on the funnel step and click Add New Product on the right side of the page. Choose either a single product or subscription and type in the name and price of the product. Again this should align with the info inside of your ClickFunnels funnel.
Repeat this process for your order bump, and on your up-sell and down-sell pages with their products.
That's it! That's how you add your funnels and products inside of Funnelish!
In the next section we'll go over step 2 where we will add the tracking code to our ClickFunnels to fully connect the ClickFunnels and Funnelish!
For more instructions for setting up your products read our deeper instructions below.
Last modified 1yr ago