Pinterest Tag
Keep track of your conversions with Pinterest Tag! Here is how to install it:
This brand new app serves a similar purpose as the Facebook Pixel App - to simplify your tracking set up and automatically track your significant events!
The Pinterest Tag App will automatically fire add to carts, purchases (with purchase value), leads, page views and more, and you can even turn on enhanced matching for more accurate data than ever!

Step 1: Copy Tag ID In Pinterest

Head to your Pinterest Ads Manager.
Hit Conversions, and then from the left side hit Manage Pinterest Tags, and then copy your tag ID.
Don't worry about any of the code info they tell you to do because we're eliminating the need for that with this app!

Step 2: Pasting ID In Funnelish

Now that you have that ID copied, you need to head to your Funnelish account.
Always start by making sure the app is turned on account-wide. So first head to the global App section.
Click on the Pinterest Tag app and switch it on.
Then paste the ID.
This ID will be used as the default if you have a funnel that has the Pinterest Tag app switched on but has no Tag ID entered inside the app.
We recommend always pasting an ID here as a backup.
Once you're done, scroll down and click Save Changes.
Now head to the funnel you want to add the tag to. Click on the Funnel Apps at the bottom of the screen.
Click on the Pinterest Tag app and turn it on.
Paste the Tag ID and decide if you to enable enhanced matching (recommended).
Click Save Changes.
Now you have the Pinterest Tag app installed in your funnel! If you have the Pinterest Tag Helper chrome extension then you can test your tag and events!
To troubleshoot common Pinterest Tag errors, check out our FAQs.
Last modified 11mo ago