Sending Orders to ShipStation

Learn how to create automations for your products with ShipStation integration!

Step 1: Set up

To set up a product automation you will first need to head to the product inside the funnel that you want to set up this automation for. Click on the product and then scroll to the bottom and click Create New Automation.

Now you must choose what event you want to trigger the automation. All of our integrations can be triggered based on Purchase, Refund, Subscription, or Cancelled Subscription, but for ShipStation choose Purchase, because currently we only create orders.

Choose your trigger, select the integration, which in this case is ShipStation.

Now you will choose the product from your ShipStation account that you want an order created for by selecting from the Target Product dropdown menu.

Step 2: Order Bundling (optional)

Same as Shopify, you can choose to enable order bundling for your funnel by switching on the Enable bundling feature and selecting an amount of time (5-10 minutes is recommended).

Enabling order bundling will tell Funnelish to wait a few minutes before syncing the order to ShipStation. This is useful when you have up-sells or down-sells in your funnel because it will create just one customer with all of the products they purchased, instead of resending a new "customer" for each product they purchase.

Click done, and you're all set! Enable this automation for all of the products you want to connect to ShipStation for synced orders!

Step 3: Customer Optin Email (optional)

You can also decide to use the customer's optin email instead of the email they paid with.

If you have an optin page and want to use that email as their customer email in ShipStation, turn this switch on. If the emails entered are the same, then no change will be made.