Google Analytics
Find out how to connect Google Analytics to your funnel and automatically track your funnel!
This app comes as an extra help for your funnel!
You can now track events throughout your entire funnel, including purchases with proper purchase values, currency, product names, up-sell & down-sell purchases, order bumps, leads, add to carts, thank you pages, and much more!

Let's see how to set it up!

Google Analytics App | Funnelish™

Step 1: Copy your Tracking Code

  • Head to your Google Analytics Account.
  • On the left side of the screen, head to Admin.
  • Select the Account and the Property.
  • Click on Tracking Info, then Tracking Code.
  • Copy the Tracking Code.

Step 2: Paste your code inside Funnelish

  • First head to the global App section.
  • Scroll down to Google Analytics, click on it.
  • Always make sure the app is turned on account-wide.
  • Paste your Tracking Code.
  • Save your changes!

Step 3: Turn on the app inside your funnels!

Inside Funnelish, head to every of your funnels, and turn on Google Analytics app in each of them.
Your funnel is connected to your Google Analytics account. You can now track your visitors, marketing campaigns, conversions, top content and so on!
Last modified 11mo ago