Simplify sales tax

Connect TaxJar to your funnel and automatically add the correct amount of tax to your products based on location and product type!

Here's how.

Connect to TaxJar

The first step is to find a TaxJar API key.

Log in to your TaxJar account. Click Account in the top right corner and then TaxJar API on the drop-down menu. Copy the API key.

Enable the app

Log in to your Funnelish account and click the Apps icon in the bottom left corner of the page. Locate the TaxJar tile and switch on the toggle.

Next, open a funnel and enable TaxJar.

Open a funnel and click the Funnel apps icon at the bottom of the page. A side panel displays. Switch on the toggle, paste the API Key into the field, and click Save.

Set up product tax

Now that TaxJar is connected, set tax rates for your products.

With the TaxJar app settings open in your funnel, you'll see products under the Products' tax code section.

Locate a product and click the three dots on your product, and select Change.

Search for and select a product category. The app automatically assigns the correct tax code for that product. Repeat this step for all products in your funnel.

Editing address & tax summary (optional step)

You can add your business address here or in your TaxJar account. You can also change the sales tax text that your customer sees.

The default text displays: Sales tax (X%), where X is a variable number pulled from TaxJar. Add your own text to the Tax summary field but make sure you include ({{RATE}}) to autofill the correct rate.

That's it. TaxJar can charge and collect accurate taxes.

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