Automatically calculate, collect and submit sales taxes throughout your entire funnel on auto-pilot.
Now you can connect TaxJar to your funnels to automatically add the correct tax to your products based on location and product type!
Let's go over how to set up this easy-to-use app:

Step 1: Connect Your TaxJar Account & Enable App

First things first, we need to connect your account and turn on the app.
  • First we need to get your TaxJar API Key. Go to your TaxJar account, click "Account" in the top right corner, and click "TaxJar API" from the dropdown
  • Copy the API Key on the screen
  • Head back to Funnelish and navigate to your Global App Section and switch on TaxJar
  • Now head to the funnel you want to use TaxJar in (and repeat for each funnel you want to use it in)
  • Go to your Funnel App Section, and click on the app name to open up the settings
  • Switch on the app and paste in the API Key that you copied from TaxJar
  • Click Save

Step 2: Setting Up Your Product Tax

Now that your TaxJar account is connected, you can set the correct tax rates for your products!
  • With the TaxJar app settings open in your funnel, you'll see your products under the "Products' tax code" section
  • Click the 3 dots on your product and click "Change"
  • Now you can search for and select the category of your product, and it will automatically assign the correct tax code for that product
  • Repeat this for all products in your funnel

Optional Step 3: Editing Address & Tax Summary

Now you can also choose to add your business address here, in addition to your TaxJar account.
You can also choose to change the sales tax text that your customer sees.
By default it's "Sales tax (X%)", but you can change it to anything you want. To do this, just add your own text into the Tax summary settings box, and add ({{RATE}}) to autofill the correct rate.
Now you're set up with TaxJar to start collecting and charging accurate tax rates!