Manage Your Customers

View your customers

You can now view account-wide customers and export your customers list!

Go to the Funnelish main page and click Customers at the top menu bar to view all the customers who have purchased from your funnels.

Review customer details

To learn more about the customer, click on any customer. A side panel opens and displays their personal details, shipping details and the customer's order history in the funnel.

Note Deleting a customer in this view does not delete the order from the funnel. Instead, the order is displayed with an Unknown customer.

Export Customers

To export your orders, click the Export customers button. Choose the type of data you want to export (by Date or All Customers) and then download the .csv file.

As the exported customers list is tracked account-wide it will not specify from which funnel they come from but we will be adding funnel customers later on.

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