Payment Forms

Add a custom fields and payment forms to a step

Funnelish includes two widget options that you can use to collect customer information, create gateways, and process payments. These widgets are called 2 Step form and Payment form. In this article, we show you how to configure those widgets on a step.

Before you start

Make sure you place a payment form widget on a Checkout step. Payment widgets do not work on other types of steps (e.g. Upsell or Landing).

If you are working with a blank step, choose Checkout type. If you are working with a template, select the Order page.

To test and preview the forms, you must add products to your funnel.


There are two widget options. Click a link to learn more.

  • 2 Step form gives you a template to collect user information and integrate payment gateways.

  • Payment form provides a template tool to integrate payment options.

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