Learn what is Proofy, and how to use it!
The Proofy App is a sales/optins social proof app that will increase your conversion rates dramatically without getting in any hard technical setup or needing an additional software!

Step 1:

Always first turn it on account-wide by navigating to Apps and switching it on there.
Here you can also choose if you want to show the location of the customer. For example it will say "John from Tampa, Florida" instead of just "John". To enable this feature just switch it on here!

Step 2:

Once you turned it on account-wide, you can configure it in the Apps section of each individual Funnel by adding your own custom message, how frequent it shows up, and which events you want tracked.
Start by going to Proofy in the App section of a funnel and turning it on.
Decide if you want to use funnel wide data and use actions from all pages of your funnel, or just one.
Enter a message to show that describes the action these people took, that you also want your audience to take.
Customize with different themes, shapes, entrance effects, and more.
Enter a delay in seconds to wait for the next message to show.
And finally, decide if you want to show purchases, optins, or both.
That's it! Your visitors will now see a notification when somebody makes a purchase, or performs an opt-in, while visiting your Funnel.
  • Choose between 3 themes: black, white, and pink.
  • Customize the style of the pop-up: round or square.
  • Choose a different position such as: top/bottom, left/right.
  • Choose a different slide in and out effects!
  • Set custom delays and durations for the pop-ups.
Within your Funnelish dashboard, you now also have a preview in the right sidebar which can help you visualize how your popups will look like.
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