General Settings

Use the toolbar to access widgets and change display mode

Content settings

After loading a step and clicking the Edit page button, the Funnelish Editor page displays. A lot of your content creation work starts in the top left corner of this page.

You can see a group of icons. These icons change the tools that display in the left panel. That panel holds the widgets you need to add content and features to a step.

There are five important icons.

Note Click Go back to funnel to close the editor. Make sure you click Save changes before leaving the editor.

1 Add new element

  • Show drag and drop components.

2 Layout

  • Show the elements in the current step.

3 Page Properties

  • Show basic (e.g. padding, color, etc.) and advanced (CSS IDs and classes) properties.

4 Popups

  • Show active popups in your account. Click the ellipsis to open the Quick actions menu (edit, duplicate, or delete a popup element).

5 More actions

  • Opens a menu with two options: Settings and Custom codes.

Display mode

In the center of the top toolbar, click an icon to change the display mode (mobile, tablet, or desktop).

Note You can create unique elements and define custom properties for each display mode.

Save and preview

The top right corner of the toolbar has three important display tools. Go here to save changes or preview your work.

Save template

Save time and create consistency across brands by reusing your page elements and properties.

  1. Click Save as template on the top toolbar.

  2. Give the template a unique name.

  3. Click Save template.

Reuse a template

  1. Go to the funnel page.

  2. Click Add step.

  3. Go to the Your saved templates heading.

  4. Click a custom template.

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