Find out how to turn on Fancify inside your funnel!

Below are the steps to turn on Fancify inside any of your funnels to implement a more appealing checkout form inside your funnel.

Check the images below to see the difference between an order form without Fancify, vs. one with it!

Step 1: Turn On Account Wide

Always start by making sure the app is turned on account-wide. So first head to the global App section.

Click on Fancify and switch it on. Then switch on the Show total switch if you want the price to display in the box.

Click Save Changes and head to the funnel you want to use Fancify in.

Step 2: Turn On Inside Your Funnel

To turn on Fancify inside of your funnel, all you have to do is click on your Funnel app section, click on Fancify, switch it on, and click Save changes.

Step 3: Highlight Your Product (optional)

This step is optional but recommended to make your product stand out even more.

You'll be able to make your product look similar to the example below.

To do this, head to the product of choice inside of the funnel where you turned on Fancify.

Click on the product to open up the settings and scroll to the Highlighting section.

Toggle on the desired switches, and add an additional side or top tag using the provided boxes.

The tags add another level of customization to your product, and you can see what they look like below.

Customize the appearance by changing the text color or size.

Click Save Changes when done.

That's it! Your Funnel has now been Fancified.

If your product has variants, make sure to read the Product Variant article to add them to your product and get the full effect out of Fancify.

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