Order Summary

Add an order summary

In this article, you learn how to add an order summary to your checkout and thank you page, which will allow the customers to view their order details.

Adding a widget

To add an Order Summary:

  1. Open a step.

  2. Click one time the element (e.g. container, row cell) that will hold the widget.

  3. Click the Order Summary widget on the left panel. Funnelish displays the widget and left panel.

Customizing the order summary

Once you added your order summary, you can edit it with the following options:

  • Show product images within order summary.

  • Allow discount codes.

  • Show/Hide header

  • Show/Hide total

  • Collapsable.

  • Is open by default.

All these options detailed above will work on Thank You Pages as well, except the ability to apply a discount.

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