Troubleshooting Issues
You can find here common troubleshooting issues and solutions!

First things first....

An app not functioning correctly? Orders not showing up in the right place? With any issue you may be having, ALWAYS check these possible issues before going any further!

  • Is your app active both account-wide and inside your funnel?
  • Is your tracking code added to the head tracking code of your funnel?
  • Are your funnel pages and products added in the same as shown in ClickFunnels?

Facebook Pixel giving you issues?

Make sure you deleted ANY previous Facebook Pixel code you had on your site. This includes the funnel-wide tracking code in your funnel settings, head tracking code inside funnel pages, and in the event set up tool inside of Facebook's Event Manager.
Use the Facebook Pixel Helper Chrome Extension to test your pixel and see the events on each page.
Refer back to the Facebook Pixel app installation article and go through the steps.

Orders not tracking in Funnelish?

For PayPal orders, double check that you did not check on the switch to track orders in ClickFunnels inside of your funnel app section.
Did you correctly add your Funnelish Webhook URL into ClickFunnels for all other orders? Make sure to go back through our Tracking ClickFunnels Orders In Funnelish article and follow the steps.

PayPal not tracking orders in ClickFunnels?

Did you make sure to follow the steps in the Tracking PayPal Orders In ClickFunnels article?
Ensure you've copied the Webhook URL from your 3rd Party product in ClickFunnels and added it inside of your Funnelish funnel settings.
Make sure you have the right Product ID copied from Funnelish and placed into the right spot inside of ClickFunnels.

PayPal app not bringing people back to your funnel after paying?

Please make sure you are completing the option Step 4 of the PayPal app installation article!
Refer back to the article here.
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