Streamline your eCommerce operations and scale your revenue with automated fulfillment processes and followup sequences.
Automating your fulfillment process can save you time and increase efficiency, allowing you to focus on scaling your ads and growing your revenue. From product fulfillment through popular platforms like Shopify, Shipstation, and Google Sheets, to advanced workflow automations for tagging, notifying, and sending emails, automation can streamline your operations and free up your resources.
Simple layout to trigger an automation.

Automation types

We divide our automations into three different layers. Each layer offers a more specific use case.

Global automations

Global automations are the top layer since they work at an account level. They can be set up once and then applied to any of your funnels (or to all of them). This is useful when you want to have a certain action (e.g., purchase confirmation by email) in every funnel without the need for multiple configurations.

Funnel automations

Funnel-level automations is the second layer. They allow you to have more control of the automation associated with a specific funnel. You can set up triggers for specific steps or actions inside a funnel. These automations are individual and will only work in the funnel in which they are generated.

Product automations

Product automation is our lowest layer. They are more specific and exclusive for products, which allows you to have more control over them. They will only trigger when your customer interacts in specific ways with those products (e.g., the product is bought).

Set up automations

Click on the type of automation you want to set up.