Connect Your Google Account
You can now seamlessly update your Google Sheets with each purchase, refund, subscription, or cancellation by setting up this simple integration!

Step 1:

To integrate Google Sheets with your funnels, first visit the Integrations section of your Funnelish account (bottom left corner).
Click on Google Sheets and click Connect.

Step 2:

You will be prompted to sign in with your desired Google account.
You will be told that the app isn't verified - which is temporary until our verification process is finished with Google.
Click Advanced, and then click Go to
You may be prompted once or twice more to give permissions to Funnelish, click Allow.
This gives us permission to your Google Sheets.
After clicking Allow, you will be redirected back to your Google Sheets integration and it should now be connected.
You must click Allow to successfully integrate with Google Sheets.
Once you have done that, let's head together and see how to Create a Google Sheets automation!
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