Text Only

Just the basics

Let's create a plain text email.

1 Open the automation page

Open the automation that you want to send the plain text email from.

Click the plus (+) button. Select Sending Options and then Send an email. On the next window, click Text Only and click Continue.

2 Create message

Start by adding the Sender name of your email. For example, we enter Funnelish. Add the Sender email that you used when connecting with your SMTP provider. Enter a subject.

Now add body content to your email using the text editor. Add style using different fonts, colors, sizes, and more.

You can also add links, images, and personalized fields using the icons at the top of the editor. Choose from a wide variety of fields such as name and order info.

That's it! While text-only emails don't have the same pizazz as emails designed in the editor, this type of message can sometimes help increase open rates because they resemble emails your customer would get from a friend!

Try switching it up and see if you get better responses from plain text emails or branded messages.

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