Let's trigger some automations!
When building workflow automations, the first step is to select a trigger. In this article, we will describe the six trigger options we offer, and explain how each of them works.

Triggers explained

After selecting Start from scratch, a pop-up window will display six trigger options.
Automation Triggers
Let's dive in and discover what each trigger means;

On Purchase

  • It triggers when a valid purchase has been completed.

Purchase Attempt

This trigger is most commonly used for abandoned cart flows. This trigger will fire every time a purchase attempt was made. Purchase attempts are triggered when a customer filled in all his info, clicked the buy button, and his credit card got declined, bank declined the transaction, card failed the 3DS check, or he just dropped off the checkout (e.g. went to PayPal and exited the session).


This trigger will fire if:
  • You have a landing page (e.g. optin page) which collects optins (emails).
  • Optins will also trigger on any page, once the customer filled in his email address, if you have enabled auto-optin.
For abandoned cart flows we always recommend using both optin and purchase attempt triggers together.

Recurring Payment

The new trigger will send the initial order of a subscription product to your desired integration, as well as any recurring payments made for that subscription.

Recurring Payment Fails

You can also set-up automations to send data to certain integrations when any recurring payments failed.

On Refund

  • This trigger will get activated when you have issued a refund from within Funnelish. This refers mainly to Stripe payments refunds, because PayPal doesn't allow processing refunds from Funnelish at the moment.

New Subscription

  • This trigger is to be used when selling Subscription Products. Every time a new subscription was bought, this event will trigger. This trigger is to be used when sending subscription purchases to different integrations or actions.

Subscription Canceled

  • This trigger will fire when a subscription product has been cancelled.

Common settings

After you select a trigger, there are two configuration options.
  1. 1.
    Switch ON the toggle if you want to run that automation once per customer, even if they go through your funnel multiple times.
  2. 2.
    Decide on which steps to trigger the automation. Choose between All Steps or choose specific steps on the dropdown.
After you click Create, start adding actions to your automation.
Select if to run the trigger once per customer and in which steps to activate it.