Smart Address Plugin

Find out how to install it and what does it do!

The Smart Address App auto-fills your customers address (Street Address, State, Zip, Country...etc). This app also guesses your customers' location and auto-fills it, with great accuracy!

Step 1:

Visit your Google Cloud Console:

In the left sidebar of your Google Cloud Console, head to Billing:

Click on Billing and Add a Valid Billing Account to your profile as shown here:

You can find Google Cloud prices here. Google Cloud will help you with data storage and it is essential in the use of our Smart Address Plugin.

Now search for the following Libraries (one at a time) and ensure you enable them:

  • Places API

  • Maps Javascript API

  • Geolocation API

  • Geocoding API

Once you enabled each of the Libraries, visit your API Credentials in your Google Console and click on Create Project:

Now click on + Create Credentials and select API Key to create your own key:

Step 2:

The first step on the Funnelish side is to always turn it on account-wide, in the Apps section of your account.

Paste your API Key copied from Google and click Save Changes.

Next head to the funnel you want to enable the app in and go to the App section. Click on Smart Address Plugin and turn it on.

If you're only targeting people in a certain country, turn this first switch on, and select the country for even more accurate suggestions.

Turn on the last switch if you want to use the browser's auto-complete instead of our app suggestions when applicable.

Hit Save Changes when done.

And that's it! Turn this on inside any individual funnel you want.

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