Tracking Paypal Orders In ClickFunnels
This method will allow you to track your Paypal orders inside of ClickFunnels.
First, you need to ensure your PayPal plugin is correctly set up. Go through that set up process before proceeding here.

Step 1:

Turn on "CF Tracking" under Funnel>Funnel Apps>PayPal plugin, as shown below:

Step 2:

Start by going to your ClickFunnels' funnel settings. Scroll down to 3rd Party Membership Access and create your product with the same name as inside of Funnelish.
Start by going to your funnel inside of ClickFunnels and heading to the funnel's settings. Scroll down to 3rd Party Membership Access and create your product with the same name as inside of Funnelish.
  • Make sure you have PayPal billing integration selected.
  • Scroll down and copy the Webhook URL.
  • Create your product.
Now inside your Funnelish funnel, head to Funnel Settings.
  • Under Webhook URL paste the URL from ClickFunnels.
  • Save Changes.

Step 3:

You will now have to copy the Product Cart ID from inside your Funnelish product.
In Funnelish, head to the settings inside the product you want to track orders from.
  • Scroll down and under the ClickFunnels Tracking section, copy the CART PRODUCT ID.
  • Now head to your product inside of ClickFunnels.
Your product should be added under 3rd Party Membership Access Products. You can find this by clicking on your funnel's settings and scrolling to the bottom.
To add the Cart Product ID:
  • Click on Edit on your desired ClickFunnels product and scroll down to 3rd Party Cart Integration, and copy your Cart Product ID that you copied from Funnelish.
  • Do this for each of your main products inside of your funnel and always save your changes!
3rd Party Cart Integration

Step 4: Tracking Your Order Bumps

Make sure your product is ticked as an order bump inside your Funnelish product settings, and click save.
  • Go to the product settings of the main product inside of Funnelish and copy the Cart Product ID + Order Bump.
  • Now inside your ClickFunnels settings you need to make 3rd Party Membership Access Product for each of your main products + the order bump. (Example: $30 product and $10 order bump > $ 40 product)
    • Remember: this is a different product than your main $30 product.
  • Under the 3rd Party Cart Integration, paste the Cart Product ID + Order Bump that you copied from Funnelish, and create the product.
  • Repeat this process for any other products you have + the order bump.
And that's it! Your PayPal orders will now be tracked inside of your Funnelish dashboard.
If you want to track PayPal orders in ONLY ClickFunnels, then you can toggle on the "Track Orders In ClickFunnels" switch inside the Paypal funnel app settings. This method will NOT track your orders in Funnelish.