How to Charge a Shipping Fee

Add a fee to each order

This article shows you a workaround to create a unified shopping fee for a funnel order. A unified shipping fee means the same charge is applied to each order regardless of the number of items purchased. The workaround uses a hidden dummy product which is set as a default purchase.

Adding a product

The first task is to add a new dummy product to a funnel step.

  1. Open a funnel.

  2. Open the step with your product(s).

  3. Click the Add a new product button.

4. On the next window, click One-time and then Continue.

5. On the Create new product popup, add a product name and price. In this example, we assign the name Shipping and Handling.

6. Click Create product.

  • Funnelish adds the dummy product to the step list.

Hiding a product

Now, let's customize this dummy product. We'll hide the item and make it a default purchase.

  1. Click the dummy product on the step list. A panel displays on the right side.

  2. Scroll down to the Settings heading.

  3. Switch on two toggles: Select by default and Hide from products list.

  4. Click Save changes.

  5. Click Preview to test your dummy product.

Order form display

When the customer reaches the payment form, the dummy product appears on the Product list as Shipping and Handling (or the name you entered above). The cost of that item is included in the total purchase price.

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