4️⃣Connect your domain

Easily use your custom domain with Funnelish funnels.

RooFunnelish allows you to connect your funnels to your custom domains. Once your funnel is complete and have tested it with your Funnelish subdomain, you can connect your custom domain through the following options:

  • Root Domain (sampledomain.com)

  • Subdomain (shop.sampledomain.com) or (www.sampledomain.com)

If your main domain is currently pointing to an existing page, then you will have to use a subdomain.

If you bought your domain exclusively for your funnels, you can choose any of the two options.

Root domain

Use this method to connect your root domain using an IP address.

  1. Go to your domain host and create (or edit) an A record.

  2. Add the @ symbol to the Name field

  3. Copy and paste this IP address “” to the Points to / Value field.


Use this method to connect your subdomain using a CNAME record.

  1. Go to your domain host and create (or edit) a CNAME record.

  2. Add your subdomain prefix to the Name field.

  3. Copy and paste “domains.funnelish.com” to the Points to / Value field.

Make sure you don't have an A, AAAA or CNAME record with the same Name or the connection will fail.

It usually takes few minutes for your changes to propagate, but sometimes it might take up to 24 hours.

Funnelish subdomain

During your trial with Funnelish, you will have a free subdomain so you can test and view your funnels just like if it was on a live page.

If you need to make any changes in your testing subdomain:

  1. Go to the settings icon in the top right corner of your page and click on Account settings.

  2. Look for the Funnelish Subdomain section and click on it.

  3. In the pop-up window, enter a subdomain name and click Save changes.

Changing the subdomain name will affect all funnels currently under that subdomain.


At Funnelish, we automatically generate an SSL certificate for any newly connected domain, sometimes this can take up to five minutes. This feature is included for free with your account.

If you are still seeing an insecure connection error once you have connected your new domain make sure to add this CAA record to your DNS settings:

Record type: CAA

Record name: @

Record value: certainly.com

More information

For more specific instructions on popular domain hosts:

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