Managing Your Orders
Find out how to manage your orders in Funnelish!
Each individual funnel will have an Orders section where you can review and edit or export any of your orders.
You can also see your account-wide orders from the Orders button on the left side of your dashboard.
You will be able to see the Payment Method your customer used along with the time and purchase amount .
Deleting a customer in this view will not delete the order from the funnel, instead the order will be displayed with an Unknown customer.
Deleting Customers within Orders
To edit a customer, simply click on the order and you can change everything from their name, email and phone number to address and shipping address.
You can also see their purchase history in your funnels.
To export your orders, simply click on Export Orders and you'll see the option to export by Date or All Orders. The option to export current viewing page is coming soon as well. Once you selected which option you prefer, simply click on Export.
After a brief processing, your orders will be ready to download by clicking on Download .CSV of Orders.
Head over our next post, to find out about how to Manage your Customers with Funnelish!
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