Form element

Create custom form fields.

Add custom form elements to your funnel. Use these elements to build an email list, qualify leads, collect user information, build checklists, and more.

Access the form element settings

  1. Drag and drop the Form element to your canvas.

  2. Click the element one time to open the settings panel.

  3. Customize the form element with the following options:

Customizing the form

Input type

Locate the Input type heading in the settings panel. This is where you define what kind of information you want to collect in the field.

There are seven input options:


Use a checkbox to collect data or confirm statements. You can also add a red asterisk that indicates filling the checkbox is a requirement.


Use Input for a fixed-width (and responsive) field best suited for short text answers.


The Textarea option allows adding a frame that supports text overflow.


The Radio input type allows you to add one or more circles and create a list of options to choose from.

If you want to have multiple options:

  1. Click the Radio form element in your canvas once to select it.

  2. In the top right corner of the blue box that surrounds your element, click Clone FormElement.

  3. A new option for your form element will appear.

  4. Click on the text to modify it.


When using the Number input type, users can enter a number or use the arrows to increase/decrease the value in the field.


The Select input type creates a drop-down menu that you can customize with a list of options we offer. The “All countries” section will be set as a default for this input type.

To customize the form:

  1. In the Input type section, click Select.

  2. Scroll down to the Props section.

  3. Click the Data type field and select which kind of data you want to collect with the form.

  4. Click the Options field and select the options the drop-down will display in your funnel.

Custom option

You can add a custom list of the countries where you offer your product.

  1. In the Options field, select Custom.

  2. On the new section below, click Add option.

  3. Under the Name field, input how you will identify the field.

  4. Under the Value field, input what your customer will see on the drop-down menu.

Dynamic provinces/states option

This option allows you to have a field that automatically updates the states/provinces of a previously selected country.

To make this option work, you need to accompany it with an All countries or Custom option.

Once you have set up a select form field with the All countries or Custom option:

  1. Add a new form element to your canvas.

  2. Click Select in the Input type section.

  3. Scroll down to the Props section.

  4. In the Data type field, select one of the options associated with a state/city.

  5. In the Options field, select Dynamic provinces/states.

  6. Click Save changes in the top right corner of your page.

  7. Click the Preview button and try out your forms to verify the Dynamic provinces/states are automatically displayed after selecting a country.

Double input

The Double input type creates two input fields in the form, this allows you to organize better the information provided by your customer.

  • To set it up, scroll down in the settings panel to the Props section and fill in the Data type and Data type #2 fields with the information type you want to collect.


Every form element offers different settings options, which you can find under the Props section in the settings panel.

Toggle switches

Is required? toggle switch

Forces the customer to fill out the form to be able to continue to the next step.

Show label? toggle switch

Most of the forms allow you to have a Lable that acts as a title to the form or information regarding the field. This switch gives you the option to show or hide these labels.

Data type

Click the Data type field to assign the type of information the form will collect from your customers.


Use this optional feature to place helpful text inside the form element and guide your customers on the information they need to input into that specific field.

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