3 Turn On Your Apps

In final step number we will go through the process of turning on the apps you want to use in your funnel!

To enable an app inside a funnel, you usually need to visit two places. First, your account-wide app section, and then inside each funnel.

Enabling an app account-wide

This is a general overview of how to enable apps on your funnels. For detailed instructions on each app, head to our Apps documentation section.

To enable an app, always start wide. On the Funnelish main page, click the Apps icon on the side menu. On the new page, click on the app you want to enable.

If an app has additional steps to complete, search the docs libary and open an article for detailed instructions!

Switching on an app inside your funnel

Now that the app is turned on account-wide (look for the word ACTIVE after you enable it), we'll turn on the app inside a funnel.

Open a funnel and click Funnel Apps at the bottom of the screen. Select the app and then switch it on. Enter additional information (if required).

You have completed the three main steps to using Funnelish!

Read through the next sections to learn how to set up product automations, track orders, enable each specific app, and more!

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