Create an ActiveCampaign Automation

Get the most out of your customer experience with automations!

In this article, we show you how to automatically send contact information to your ActiveCampaign list. It's a two-step process:

To complete these steps, you must connect ActiveCampaign to your Funnelish account. We showed you how to do that in a different article.

Creating an automation

  1. Open a funnel.

  2. Click the Funnel automations icon.

3. Click the Create a new automation button.

4. On the new window, click Start from scratch

5. Click Create.

Create a trigger

  1. Click Add new trigger.

2. Select an event. In this example, we choose Optin.

3. Click Create.

3. Click the field and select a step. We choose New Upsell.

4. Click Create

Creating an action

  1. Click the Plus button to add action.

  2. On the new window, click Integration.

  3. Click ActiveCampaign.

Select an action

On the next window:

  1. Click the Action field.

  2. Choose an option: Add or Remove a list or tag.

  3. Click the List field

  4. Choose a name.

  5. Click the tag field and add a tag. (optional)

  6. Click the Add button.

Now you’re done.

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