Create an Active Campaign Automation
Learn how to get the most out of your customers experience automations!

Step 1:

  • Head to any of your funnels, and click Funnel Automations from the bottom menu bar.
  • Select Create a new automation and select from a template or to start from scratch
  • Now you can select Add a new trigger, and choose what you want the automation to start from.
  • Select which specific pages you want the trigger to start on, for example if you want to add someone to your list when they optin, select optin as the trigger and choose your optin page step.
  • Now you can add an action under your trigger by clicking the + sign.
  • Select ActiveCampaign from the integrations section and choose the list you want to add/remove from.
  • Add any tags you want and select if you want to trigger from the contact optin email (if different than purchase email, when applicable)
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