Product Variant Set Up

Learn how to configure multiple variants for your products in Funnelish!

If you're selling products with multiple variants, you need to add each variant in Funnelish as well.

When using apps like Fancify, setting up your variants is important to get the full effect out of your app.

In the super simple process detailed below, we'll explain how you can easily offer your products in different colors, sizes, etc.

  • You'll start by heading to the funnel with your product, click on the order form page, and click on the product.

  • Scroll down and click New Variant.

  • Now type the variant you want to add, for example, a t-shirt you're selling in different colors.

  • For each new variant, you can define a set of options, in this example we can use different sizes.

You can define if a certain option is sold out by switching the toggle on.

You can also delete an option or a variant at any moment!

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