Add visual content to a step.

Media includes Image, Video, Image slider, and Before/After slider elements.

Adding media

  1. Drag an element (image, video, image slider, or before/after slider) to the canvas.

  2. Click the element to display the toolbar and open the side panel.

Customizing image settings

The settings panel has all the standard image editing tools to customize the display and layout, These include alignment, margins, alt text, borders, and shadows. We also offer more specialized features, described below.

Click action

To add a link to images, click on Click action in the side panel. In the pop-up window, choose a link location. You can select:

  • Submit step Submit customer payment details and move the user to the next step in the flow.

  • Go to next step Move the customer along the flow, but do not submit any payment information.

  • Go to URL Add a link to an external page.

  • Go to section/row Create an anchor link to a different place on the same step. Link to a specific section or row on the step.

  • Show popup Choose a popup for the drop-down menu. When a user clicks the image, the popup displays.


Enable this feature to enhance site performance. Lazyload delays media loading until it is needed. The result is a better user experience because other site elements can load faster when needed.

Preview selected product

Enable this feature to display a preview of a product inside an Image or Image slider element when your customer selects a product.

Creating an image folder

By default, Funnelish stores pictures in a folder called All Images. You can create new folders to improve file management if you plan on uploading lots of content.

  1. Click Add new folder.

  2. Enter a unique name. Funnelish automatically creates the folder.

Customizing video settings

Embed a video by dragging the Video element to the step. You can't upload video content to Funnelish. Instead, copy the URL of the video and paste it into the Video URL field. Funnelish automatically loads the video into the element.

Customize the display settings to control video size (width and height) and layout on the step (e.g., margins and borders).

Customize the video player

You can control video play behavior with three toggles.

  • Autoplay The video plays as soon as it loads on the user's device.

  • Loop infinitely The video plays again and again.

  • Show controls The user can see the Play/Stop button and progress bar. If disabled, the user can't stop or start the video.

Funnelish automatically optimizes media files (images and videos). Even when using multiple images and videos, the average Funnelish page load speed is 0.1 seconds.

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