iDEAL is the newest payment method introduced and supported with our Funnelish Pay app!
We have recently introduced iDEAL payment option within our Funnelish Pay app. Wondering if you should get on board?

Why would you offer iDEAL for your customers?

  • You have customers (or potential customers) that are in the Netherlands or Belgium.
    • iDEAL is used for over 55% of all online transactions in the Netherlands! Funnelish will show this option to all your customers visiting your funnel from the Netherlands and Belgium.
  • The iDEAL gateway is well-optimized for mobile banking!
  • iDEAL redirects customers to their online banking environment to authenticate a payment using a second factor of authentication and there is immediate notification about the success or failure of a payment.
  • iDEAL supports only EUR transactions.
  • iDEAL supports order bumps, up-sells and down-sells.
  • iDEAL supports both subscriptions and one-time purchases.
  • iDEAL supports only EUR transactions.
  • iDEAL does support order bumps, up-sells and down-sells.
  • iDEAL supports subscriptions and one-time purchases.
Let's see how to set it up!

Step 1:

Head to your Funnel Apps > Select Funnelish Pay > Add Payment Method.
Select iDEAL gateway > Add new iDEAL gateway. Give your gateway a name if wished and select Connect to Stripe.

Step 2:

Next, you will be taken to the Stripe page, where you can choose which Stripe account you want to connect and you are ready to go!
Your iDEAL gateway is now integrated and ready to accept payments!
You can have iDEAL along with all the others gateways within our Funnelish Pay app (Stripe, PayPal, Cash on Delivery).
Last modified 7mo ago