You can now easily integrate NMI payments within the Funnelish Pay app
Processing NMI payments is really easy. You can integrate this payment method by going to Funnel>Apps>Add Payment Method, or directly from your editor.
In this guide we'll show you how to do it from your editor, however, the process is the same if you choose to go the other way too.
  • Within your Funnelish editor, head to the Payment Field Element, and click on Edit payment methods.
  • Click on Add new payment method, choose Credit Card, and Add New Credit Card Gateway.
  • You will then be asked to name your gateway, and add the public and private security keys. To find your keys head to your NMI account > Settings > Public Security Key / Private Security Key, and copy those into the Funnelish fields.
  • Create your gateway, and easily change the text fields according to your wishes (you can easily translate them into other languages, etc)
You are all set up with NMI now and ready to take payments!
Last modified 3mo ago
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