Learn how to add Paypal to your Funnel as a Payment Gateway!
Adding Paypal as a Payment Gateway to your Funnelish Pay integration is super easy!

Step 1:

Ensure Paypal is selected in the Gateway dropdown and give your gateway a Name to later recognize.

Step 2:

The rest of the details that need to be filled, can be found by going to and logging in to your Paypal Account, in the My Apps & Credentials area:
Developer Paypal - My Apps & Credentials
Under REST API apps, you should be able to see a Default Application like in the above screenshot, generated automatically by Paypal.
You can use that one or simply click on Create App to create one dedicated for Funnelish.
For this tutorial, we'll use Sandbox credentials (for testing purposes only), but you can switch to Live ones if preferred.
If you are using Sandbox credentials, remember to toggle the Test Mode option to On.
Once you decided which one you want to use, you can retrieve your Client ID and Secret by clicking on it.
Paypal Credentials

Step 3:

Paste the Client ID and the Secret into Funnelish.
Finally, you have the option to add your Brand's Name, or if you want to forward payments to a different account, the Payee Email. (keep in mind both of these are optional)
Make sure you hit Save Changes once you're done!
UNCLAIMED PAYMENTS - If you get this notification of unclaimed payment, please make sure that your account is verified & you have a valid business account with verified email!
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