Paypal Plugin

Start processing payments with Funnelish and Paypal!

The Paypal Plugin only takes a few seconds to configure and opens up a world of opportunity for your funnels!

Step 1: Add PayPal Email to Funnelish

First, head to your profile settings at the top right corner of your Funnelish account.

Add your PayPal email in the box provided and decide on your default currency, click Save.

Step 2: Turn App on Account-Wide

Activate the plugin account-wide by visiting the Apps section of your account and toggling it to ON, like in the screenshot below:

Decide if you want to offer credit card, PayPal, or both (recommended).

You can choose to use the default credit card form if you're using different gateways.

Click Save Changes.

Step 3: Turn App on in Funnel

Next, head to your funnel and ensure the Plugin is turned on and active there as well.

Decide if you want to use PayPal as the default payment option. Users will still be allowed to choose other payment methods but PayPal will be the main option.

Decide if you want to track your PayPal orders in ClickFunnels.

Due to a ClickFunnels limitation, turning this switch on will stop your orders from tracking in Funnelish. We only recommend this option if you rely on an integration we currently don't support.

Once done, click Save Changes.

If you want to track your PayPal orders inside of ClickFunnels read our article with instructions to do so.

Your Paypal Plugin is now ready to use and process payments!